A Quick Start Guide to Implementing Teledentistry Today

1 Self Instruction CE Credit

Course Description:

The global pandemic created by the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus has drastically altered the way doctors approach health care – particularly in the field of dental medicine. For many dentists, the landscape that awaits after the dust has settled will look radically different than the way they remembered it. Improvisation and adaptation to virtual health technologies will become the new normal for the dental practitioner in a post-Corona world. This presentation will outline a quick-start guide to the increasingly trending topic of Teledentistry, and will bring the participants rapidly up to speed with what they need to know about this treatment modality, when to implement it, and how to claim for it.

Course Objectives:

  1. Review the history of teledentistry and the current applications that can be utilized in the contemporary dental practice.
  2. Determine the best practices related to HIPAA that will ensure the highest level of data security and patient privacy in the transmission of electronic patient health information.
  3. List the most appropriate CDT codes that should be applied to each unique patient encounter utilizing telecommunication protocols.
  4. Describe applications for teledentistry that apply to various specialties, including Prosthodontist, Orthodontics, and Periodontics/Oral Surgery.

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  Brave New World: A Quick-Start Guide into Teledentistry Today
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Course Details

CE Credits Awarded 1 Self Instruction CE Credit
AGD Subject Code 550
Prerequisites None
Educational Method Self Instruction
Course Release Date 4/7/2020
Course Expiration Date 4/7/2021